Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Photography Videography

07 Aug 2018 08:47

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A marriage is a whirlwind of activity, and that's why there is one aspect to consider in wedding photography: Videography.

By having professional wedding photographers commemorate your special day on film, you will be able to relax after all the activity is over and watch your special day unfold again.

A marriage video will let you see all the little things that happened while you and your new spouse were being the perfect hosts to a reception hall full of guests.

Many couples choose a wedding photography studio that offers wedding photography/videography packaged together. It is often much more financially viable to purchase both elements as part of a package rather than separately.

However, you must be sure that the studio's videographers are competent and experienced in the unique medium of film. Some less-reputable studios have begun simply sticking camcorders in the hands of staff photographers in an effort to cash in on the videography market.

When selecting your videographer, it is very important to view examples of his or her previous work. As anyone who has taken video of a vacation or kids at play knows, wedding photography videography is not easy.

It takes special talent and training to produce professional quality video. Additionally, viewing the videographer's work will give you a feel for his or her overall style as well as the elements on which the videographer chooses to focus.

Interview prospective marriage videographers just as carefully as you would potential professional wedding photographers. Presented here is a list of suggested questions. You may have additional questions based on your individual circumstances.

1. Will you be the actual videographer for my special day?

As with weddings , some studios employ staff videographers. You want to meet with the actual person who will film your marriage.

A corollary question is whether the sample video you view was recorded on the same type of equipment that will be used at your wedding.

2. What extra fees might I incur?

Discuss available packages and extras that you might need. Negotiate all fees; even those that you think will not apply such as overtime.

Try to get the videographer to work certain extras into your package price. Affordable wedding photography/videography is available but you may need to enter into careful negotiations.

3. What format of equipment do you use and what is your experience level with that format?

As with photography, the digital versus film debate rages in videography as well. Both formats have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Whichever format you select, be sure that the videographer is comfortable and experienced with that format.

4. What type of backup equipment do you carry and how does the backup compare to the original?

Your special day is a one-time event. If the videographer's equipment fails, it is crucial that he or she can switch quickly and seamlessly to a backup.

However, some backup equipment is older and crude by today's standards. Be sure that the backup equipment is of acceptable quality.

5. How much control will I have over the elements that are included in the video?

Many couples give little thought to their marriage video, instead turning full control over to the videographer.

Yet the video is your living record of your carefully planned special day. Choose a videography professional who will work with you to help you decide which events should be covered and how the final video should be edited.

While it's great to have traditional marriage photography, wedding photography videography can enhance your experience. Why stop at still photographs when you can get the full experience of sight and sound to go with those images?

If you have your heart set on filming your special day, and your marriage photography studio doesn't offer that option, ask the photographer in charge if he can refer someone to you.

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