The Pros and Cons of Casual Dating

06 Aug 2018 11:15

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Has society changed in terms of how people look at dating? chat , yes. Have people changed in terms of how they look at love? maybe not so much. The basic rules of attraction are still the same. People get together everyday and some of them stay together for a long time. Those who manage to achieve such longevity, kudos to them. But what about those who do not? They should not be so worried. Not every one wants to jump into a relationship. There are scores of men and women all around who, for many different reasons, shy away from committed relationships. They indulge in what we call casual dating.

For those who are unfamiliar with the definition of casual dating, let us clear it up. When two people who are dating in such a way that they are not committed to each other and perhaps see other people socially as well, they are said to be dating casually. Obviously, it helps when all the people involved are in the loop of what is going on. There is a certain sense of transparency and openness required in casual dating which makes it really worthwhile for the people involved.

From a social perspective, if a survey were to be taken regarding the popularity or approval rating of casual dating, there might be some opposition to it, and not just from the conservative right. There are people who oppose casual dating and their reasons for doing so might range from having a high moral code to simply not being familiar with the unofficial rules of commitment-less relationships. However, a lot of people on the other hand really approve of casual dating and they have good reasons to do so.

Some people believe that if one gets used to casual dating, then there is a chance that they might find it difficult to commit to their partner when they are trying to be in a stable one-on-one relationship. There is a certain sense of truth to that but the supporters of casual dating urge that it encourages honesty and greater transparency in relationships - qualities which are absolutely necessary to maintain a committed relationship.

There are also large groups of conservative people who claim that casual dating encourages promiscuity in people. The liberally minded however argue that it is every person's right to choose their partner and if it takes a number of attempts to do so, so be it. Also, they suggest that if people are not taking any health risks while having sexual relations with multiple partners, then they are within their rights to do so.

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