Oils for Hair Growth

05 Aug 2018 12:00

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The best way to stimulate hair growth is incorporating a healthy diet and regular oiling of the hair. Oil can be used as a leave-in treatment for the hair. For best results, leave the oil in your hair overnight and wash it out the next day. Different oils have different benefits such as removing dandruff, Drench the hair, improving its volume and giving it shine and strength. Choose oil according to your hair and scalp condition.

Keeping hair healthy is very important because hair plays a crucial role in your appearance. If hairs do not care properly then you will face various problems like hair thinning and hair loss which will be leading to baldness. Baldness can be treated by hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is very famous because of affordable surgery cost and good medical tourism.

Listed below are oils and their benefits:


Almond oil is remarkable for the hair and skin. It is full of nutrients and vitamins which are valuable for the hair as well as the skin. Vitamin A, B, and E relieves the itchiness and drench the skin.

• As almond oil removes dead cells from the skin it will also be effective in removing dandruff.

• Lack of magnesium can cause heavy hair fall. Almond oil is a good source of magnesium thus it stimulates hair growth.

• This oil also reduces split ends.

Tip: Use sweet almond oil for sensitive and irritable skin.

Tea tree

Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic that is used against fungal infections. This pungent oil has a relaxing and calming effect on the body when massaged with it.

• It prevents the scalp from infections.

• Tea tree oil drenching the hair and boosts re-growth of the hair.

• This oil prevents ingrown hair.

Tip:You can get rid of hair lice by adding few drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo when you a bath as this oil kills lice.


Castor oil is a good laxative which can be given to kids when they have gastrointestinal issues. This oil can be used as a remedy for hair fall and also for arthritis, skin infection, etc.

• Castor oil is good for hair growth as it contains vitamin B and omega-9 fatty acids.

• It preserves the pH level of the scalp.

• Castor oil is effective in drench kinky and curly hair.

Tip: Castor oil helps to heal the infection in the scalp. Pumpkin seed oil

The nutritional value of pumpkin seed oil is high as it contains zinc, omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A, E, and K.

• It reduces hair loss

• Makes hair strong

• Soothes the scalp irritation


Primrose oil has the high level of antioxidants which is very helpful in preventing hair loss.

• It is rich in iron, calcium, zinc, potassium and fatty acids

• Primrose oil nourishes and strengthens the hair

• It removes dandruff and relieves itchy dry scalp.

Tip: Use this oil consistently for best results.


Rosemary oil soothes the mind and removes stress. Not only is this oil used for healthy scalp and hair but also in marinades. This oil is used for urinary and respiratory health also.

• Rosemary helps in hair growth and also conditions the hair.

• It safeguards us from dandruff.

• It darkens the hair.

Tip: Rosemary oil combined with olive oil helps to treat the dry scalp and dandruff.

best hair regrowth oil for baldness which is colorless and odorless does not leave behind any residues which make the skin oily when it drenching the skin. It contains ingredients that give volume to the hair and also aids hair growth.

• Jojoba oil contains zinc, iodine, vitamin E, copper, selenium, chromium, vitamin B complex etc.

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