15 Things To Do During Your Honeymoon!

05 Aug 2018 07:37

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Honeymoon is a vacation or trip taken by the newly married couple - a period of idyllic synchronization, supreme glee, utter joy and relaxation. Couples must plan for some days off work and other activities, to go for their honeymoon. Honeymoon is very important for newly married couples. The honeymoon allows the couple maximum privacy. They begin to discover each other and to explore this whole new area of marriage as they relate more intimately and share their lives together in one place, in one room and on one bed.

Let us now discuss the 15 things to do during your honeymoon:

You should take unforgettable pictures of yourselves during the honeymoon. Please, no naked pictures!

You both should say nice things to each other. Comments like:"I love you", "I'm glad I married you", "You look beautiful", etc. should be common in your conversations.

You should embrace each other often and take naps or watch TV while one rests his/her head on the others lap or bosom.

Honeymoon Travels to kiss and give each other pecks on the cheeks,lips and back of hand as you walk around.Please, kissing and touching must not be a prelude to sex.

Talk with each other on any matters of interest to enhance fellowship and friendship.

You should have sex - good and saccharine sex for that matter, as many times as you have energy to perform in a day.A good stock of tiger-nuts and Malta Guinness, or other boosters like the Red Bull Drink,they say, may do some good.

Explore having sex at different locations during the honeymoon. For example, in the bathroom,hall,bedroom,kitchen or in the car but not in the full view of others.

Try having sex with your clothes on after returning from a walk.

Take turns to bath each other,playing with your bodies, especially with the penis,the succulent breast and the sugary vagina in the process.

You should sleep naked in each others arms.

Take romantic walk around naked,like "Sexy" Adam and "Ready-to-devour" Eve in the house or room if you are sure there will be no intruders.Please!Please!Be care with this.

Swim or play games of interest,stealing glances at each other and touching each other,from time to time.

Watch an interesting film together.Something with a romantic theme may be nice.

At lunch or dinner sit opposite each other and play with your bare feet under the table.You should watch out for onlookers.

Of course,you must have your quiet times,praying and reading your Bibles, Quran or any religious book of your choice individually.Share your quiet times with each other and pray together from time to time.

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