Find a Friends Email Address With Only a Name Or Partia

16 Aug 2018 11:01

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These days it is possible to find a friends email address even if the only thing known at the beginning of a search is the persons name. With just a little bit of sleuthing and a couple of online search tools it is possible to find a friends email address wherever they may be.

The proliferation of the internet has reached virtually every home in America, and as a result nearly every home in America has access to at least one email account. It may seem hard to believe, but there are at least 1.3 billion electronic mail accounts worldwide. One would think it impossible to sift though billions of in-boxes to find the one account which belongs to a friend lost to time, yet it is easier than you might think - at least in the United States.

The reason searches are relatively easy in the United States is because the electronic mail accounts are organized very well by company and stored carefully in databases linking the user to the mailbox. Even temp emails for protecting from spam can still be tracked to static IP addresses if those mail accounts are used at home at a fixed location. Where extra sleuthing may be necessary is when someone is trying to protect their identity by using a false name and not using a home computer to access the internet. With that one exception, virtually everyone who has electronic mail can be found using simple name (or even partial name) searches.

To find a friends email address one only need make the decision to take up the search and start digging.

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